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Computer Programming Research. Read current computer science articles on everything from computer programs to detect cancer genes and control vehicle maintenance to embedded software.

07/11/2018 01:11 PM
Novel synaptic architecture for brain inspired computing
Researchers have demonstrated a novel synaptic architecture that could lead to a new class of information processing systems inspired by the brain.
07/11/2018 09:31 AM
Breakthrough in construction of computers for mimicking human brain
A computer built to mimic the brain's neural networks produces similar results to that of the best brain-simulation supercomputer software currently used for neural-signaling research. Tested for accuracy, speed and energy efficiency, this custom-built computer named SpiNNaker, has the potential to overcome the speed and power consumption problems of conventional supercomputers, with the aim of advancing our knowledge of neural processing in the brain, including learning and disorders such as epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease.
07/06/2018 03:08 PM
Training artificial intelligence with artificial X-rays
AI holds real potential for improving both the speed and accuracy of medical diagnostics -- but before clinicians can harness the power of AI to identify conditions in images such as X-rays, they have to 'teach' the algorithms what to look for. Now, engineers have designed a new approach: using machine learning to create computer generated X-rays to augment AI training sets.
07/05/2018 03:49 PM
New software designed for rapid, automated identification of dendritic spines
Researchers have released open source software, connecting and building the neuroscience coding community. The software has the potential to dramatically increase experiment workflow, shaving off hours of imaging time. Weaving in an element of machine learning, the algorithm can be taught how to differentiate between dendrite backbone and dendritic spines after being fed a training data set of previously identified spines.
07/05/2018 12:57 PM
'Blind' Cheetah 3 robot can climb stairs littered with obstacles
MIT's Cheetah 3 robot can now leap and gallop across rough terrain, climb a staircase littered with debris, and quickly recover its balance when suddenly yanked or shoved, all while essentially blind. The 90-pound mechanical beast -- about the size of a full-grown Labrador -- is intentionally designed to do all this without relying on cameras or any external environmental sensors.
07/04/2018 01:53 PM
Test tube artificial neural network recognizes 'molecular handwriting'
Scientists have developed an artificial neural network out of DNA that can recognize highly complex and noisy molecular information.
06/28/2018 01:11 PM
'Breakthrough' algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one
Computer scientists have developed a completely new kind of algorithm, one that exponentially speeds up computation by dramatically reducing the number of parallel steps required to reach a solution.
06/18/2018 11:27 AM
Algorithm speeds up process for analyzing 3D medical images
Researchers describe a machine-learning algorithm that can register brain scans and other 3D images more than 1,000 times more quickly using novel learning techniques.
06/13/2018 10:20 AM
Computer program looks five minutes into the future
Scientists have developed software that can look minutes into the future: The program learns the typical sequence of actions, such as cooking, from video sequences. Then it can predict in new situations what the chef will do at which point in time.
06/11/2018 02:41 PM
Squashing cyberbullying: New approach is fast, accurate
Researchers have designed a new technique for spotting nasty personal attacks on social media networks like Instagram.
06/05/2018 12:08 PM
New algorithm keeps data fresh in wireless networks
Algorithm provides networks with the most current information available while avoiding data congestion.
06/04/2018 11:24 AM
New algorithm fuses quality and quantity in satellite imagery
Using a new algorithm, researchers may have found the solution to an age-old dilemma plaguing satellite imagery -- whether to sacrifice high spatial resolution in the interest of generating images more frequently, or vice versa. The team's new tool eliminates this trade-off by fusing high-resolution and high-frequency satellite data into one integrated product, and can generate 30-meter daily continuous images going back to the year 2000.
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