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Computer Programming Research. Read current computer science articles on everything from computer programs to detect cancer genes and control vehicle maintenance to embedded software.

02/14/2018 02:58 PM
Neural networks everywhere
Special-purpose chip that performs some simple, analog computations in memory reduces the energy consumption of binary-weight neural networks by up to 95 percent while speeding them up as much as sevenfold.
02/13/2018 12:04 PM
Energy-efficient encryption for the internet of things
A special-purpose chip hardwired to implement elliptic-curve cryptography in general and the datagram transport layer security protocol in particular reduces power consumption by 99.75 percent and increases speed 500-fold, to help enable the internet of things.
02/12/2018 04:09 PM
New machine learning algorithm uncovers time-delayed interactions in cells
A new algorithm uses time-series data to show the cause-and-effect interactions that take place inside of living cells.
02/12/2018 08:52 AM
The Scanpy software processes huge amounts of single-cell data
Scientists have developed a program that is able to help manage enormous datasets. The software, named Scanpy, is a candidate for analyzing the Human Cell Atlas.
02/08/2018 06:03 PM
AI computer vision breakthrough IDs poachers in less than half a second
Researchers have long been applying AI to protect wildlife. Initially, computer scientists were using AI and game theory to anticipate the poachers' haunts, and now they have applied artificial intelligence and deep learning to spot poachers in near real-time.
02/06/2018 11:49 AM
Smartly containing the cloud increases computing efficiency, says first-of-its-kind study
Researchers discovered ways to further improve computing efficiency using management tools for cloud-based light-weight virtual machine replacements called containers.
02/06/2018 10:58 AM
Worm 'uploaded' to computer and taught amazing tricks
The tiny worm C. elegans is the only living being whose neural network has been analyzed completely. It can therefore be transferred to a computer, creating a virtual copy of the worm which behaves in exactly the same way to external stimuli. Such a 'virtual worm' can learn amazing tricks -- its neural network can even be used to balance a pole, which is a standard control problem in computer science.
02/02/2018 03:32 PM
Algorithm identifies vulnerable people during natural disasters
A new algorithm will help first responders and home care providers better help the elderly during natural disasters.
02/02/2018 11:26 AM
Quantum algorithm could help AI think faster
One of the ways that computers 'think' is by analyzing relationships within large sets of data. An international team has shown that quantum computers can do one such analysis faster than classical computers, for a wider array of data types than was previously expected.
01/30/2018 12:36 PM
Applying machine learning to the universe's mysteries
Physicists have demonstrated that computers are ready to tackle the universe's greatest mysteries -- they used neural networks to perform a deep dive into data simulating the subatomic particle soup that may have existed just microseconds after the big bang.
01/26/2018 04:38 PM
Superconducting synapse may be missing piece for 'artificial brains'
Researchers have built a superconducting switch that 'learns' like a biological system and could connect processors and store memories in future computers operating like the human brain.
01/23/2018 10:18 AM
Drones learn to navigate autonomously by imitating cars and bicycles
A new algorithm allows drones to fly completely by themselves through the streets of a city and in indoor environments. The algorithm had to learn traffic rules and adapt training examples from cyclists and car drivers.
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