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06/26/2017 05:17 PM
$1 Million Ransomware Payment Has Spurred New DDoS-for-Bitcoin Attacks
The $1 million ransom payment paid last week by South Korean web hosting company Nayana has sparked new extortion attempts on South Korean companies. [...]
06/26/2017 01:12 PM
Chrome Beats Edge in Independent Battery Life Test Despite Microsoft's Claims
A YouTuber has taken it into his hands to resolve the silent war over battery life benchmarks currently raging between Microsoft, Google, and Opera. [...]
06/26/2017 11:00 AM
UK Govt Wants Encryption Backdoors but Can't Even Protect Its Email Servers From a Brute-Force Attack
A "determined" attacker has breached the email system of the UK Parliament over the weekend, according to a statement put out by the UK government on Sunday afternoon. [...]
06/25/2017 07:17 PM
PRMitM: Attackers Can Hide Password Resets Inside Account Registrations
A research paper published by four Israeli scientists details a new attack called PRMitM, or the "Password Reset Man-in-the-Middle," in which attackers hide password reset interactions for a user's legitimate profile inside account registration interactions on another site. [...]
06/25/2017 03:40 AM
Fired Employee Hacks and Shuts Down Smart Water Readers in Five US Cities
A Pennsylvania judge has sentenced Adam Flanagan, 42, of Bala Cynwyd, PA to one year and one day in prison for hacking and damaging the IT networks of several water utility providers across the US East Coast. The sentence was passed down last week for crimes committed in the spring of 2014. [...]
06/24/2017 05:27 PM
Google to Stop Scanning Gmail Inboxes for Advertising Purposes
Google announced yesterday plans to stop scanning users' Gmail inboxes for advertising purposes, a decision that in theory should improve users' privacy, but in reality, it does not. [...]
06/24/2017 04:15 AM
Koler Android Ransomware Targets the US with Fake PornHub Apps
During the past week, US users visiting adult-themed sites were targeted by ads for a fake PornHub app that contained a version of the Koler ransomware. [...]
06/23/2017 06:32 PM
Windows 10 Source Code, Internal Builds Allegedly Leak Online
An unknown person has uploaded online over 32TB of Windows 10 internal builds, along with some of the operating system's source code. The data was uploaded on BetaArchive, an Internet forum dedicated to archiving software beta builds so users and developers can track how a project evolved over time. [...]
06/23/2017 01:15 PM
The Week in Ransomware - June 23rd 2017 - A Fricken 1 Million Dollar Ransom Payment
What a crazy week. The biggest news is that we had a hosting company who actually paid a 1 million dollar (think Dr. Evil) ransomware payment. We then had the return of Locky, which at one point was the preminent ransomware being distributed. Will have to see if it can become king of the hill again. [...]
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