About eMaxAds

eMaxAds a spin off of WebGraphicsRus started originally as C Jays Custom Auto Accessories.
My MomSo how did this come about lets start off with some background about myself to give insight to the experience I have gained over the years in craftsmanship, electronics and computers.

Lillian Jay I deleted the maiden name for security reasons Is my Mom pictured to the left she was the first woman in history to receive a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Drexel Institute of Technology. My Father Burke was also a Drexel graduate in mechanical engineering. This is where they met and married. So what does this have to do with my skills with craftsmanship, electronics and computers? EVERYTHING !!!

My Mom was part of the team that developed the first Univac Computer and continued her engineering career after having four children myself being the youngest. My Father was in charge of research and development at Leeds & Northrup. Arguments at my home were not about the dishes or laundry but about physics and science. At 9 I asked my Mom for a mini bike she gave me a Craftsman socket set and said when I could build one I could have one (I had one three days later). When I wanted to use a calculator for math home work she made me learn to use a slide rule first. When I needed help with algebra and geometry I ended up getting lessons on physics and trigonometry. Before there was any home computers we had a computer in our home my Mom had this as she was working on computer operating systems for automated machinery long before DOS was even an idea certainly before Bill Gates ever got his hands on it. Mom was always trying to get me more involved with this computer thing she created games and had me make them more interactive by hard programming and the like but lets face it computers in the 70’s where what Atari pong is compared to Play Station 3 Boring ! and I was a teen. “Lesson: Listen To Your Mother She May Know What She Is Talking About” Since then I have been involved with the automotive electronics industry in one form or another starting in 1981 I also worked as a fabricator in a local sheet metal shop. I started my own company in 1992 C Jay’s Custom Auto Accessories andSeptember 11 2001 Never Forget did quite well with this till 2000 when some investments I made went bad. I diversified and turned to the internet to supplement my accessories business and developed my own e-commerce web site this was going well till 9-11-2001 when nobody was buying accessories anymore. As I struggled to find new avenues of revenue I came about the internet advertizing business by accident. I listed a car for sale for one of my friends, I showed this ad to one of the car dealers I worked with and they liked it so much they hired me to do their ads and it took off. Computer repair was just another facet of my electronics business the web advertising took off but I did not want it to be my sole vocation. I maintain websites for several local businesses and handle networks for small and midsize companies in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So what does all this have to do with what I can do for you? Well my upbringing has left me with an attitude that nothing is impossible and an innovative approach can solve any problem. Is this useful to you? Judge for yourself and Contact Me and I will let you know if I can help you with your technology needs or not. If I can’t or if I don’t have the time I know I have someone available close by that can.