Car Dealer Services

Whether you’re just getting started with an on-line dealership presence, or have an IT department handling your inventory and web contacts eMaxAds has the knowledge, experience and technology you need to maximize leads and sales online.

  • eBay Listing Services Increase Profits
    In a challenging sales climate diversity is key. Your inventory needs to be seen by as many online vehicle shoppers as possible. More than 35% of all online automotive shopping time is spent on eBay Motors. Take advantage of this huge market place.
  • Dynamic Description Creator
    For dealers listing vehicle auctions on there own eMaxAds has the perfect tool to give your eBay auctions a professional appearance and optimize click through deal closers.
  • On-Line Credit Applications
    For your website or auction pages add our unique credit application to your site with one simple line of code. Our credit application focuses on getting the contact information to you for follow up even if the client opts out in the middle of the application.
  • Special Features Images and Buttons
    We can design and create a multitude of special images and interactive buttons and animations to create attention to you and your inventory. We are always looking for better ways to get you noticed and to get sales leads to you. We can also include many online resources to help assist buyers in the process on On-Line Shopping like Shipping Quotes, Car Fax, Financing and Warranty Services.
  • Flash Components and Buttons
    Our usage of Flash enabled web pages and special feature buttons and text enable us to to many things within an auction page that are not normally available to the competition. We can set up featured specials Click through financing and entire web pages inside the description portion of an eBay ad.
  • Websites
    Need an online presence for your dealership? Whether you have a small pre-owned lot or a large franchise dealership your online identity is key to converting browsers to buyers.
    We Get Ups For You ! You may have a gorgeous corporate site that lacks function to get you the leads you need to close deals. Our sites are geared to get the contacts you need, you can’t sell a car to someone that just looks at your site. We get to clicks
  • Image Hosting and Editing
    We use state of the art Digital Photography and Digital Image Editing for High quality Images that down load quickly. One of the things we have found is that most Car Auctions on eBay are full of pictures of the vehicle listed. This slows the actual page from down loading quickly and most potential buyers never even see more than the top portion of an auction page before clicking to the next auction. Not so with our ads the entire page loads very quickly allowing the potential buyer to see the features we have included and to build confidence in bidding. Detailed photos are separately hosted off eBay so they need not be downloaded until a potential buyer clicks to see them.
  • Inventory Management
  • Network Services.

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