Auction Templates and Auction Services

eMaxAds offers retail eBay seller services and seller auction templates and hosting.

Selling a high ticket item such as a Cars Trucks Motorcycles Boats Jewelry etc.?
Get the best price with superior ads and excellent customer satisfaction and reputation.

I have sold many of my customers cars boats motor homes Rolex watches coins and many other high dollar items on line and have shipped them around the world. I provide this service to customers on a flat rate based fee so there is no hidden costs or surprise bills. I handle all the correspondence and delivery terms you simply provide the item for sale I will come out inspect the vehicle or item photograph it create a professional ad and list the item under one of my handles or i will list it with yours. Don’t take chances when selling high dollar items these are the ones targeted by internet scammers. We make sure that the whole sale process progresses securely and without complications.

Auction Templates

If you are a medium to high volume seller looking to improve the look of your on-line auctions, To have a more interactive about me page to have your auctions featured across many websites eMaxAds can help just like we helped Jan of Rodeo-Drive-Deals Check Out Jan’s eBay StoreOpen an eBay Store!

We have helped dozens of computer illiterate people become effective on-line entropanors with tools and tutoring services we provide Contact Us and see what we can do to help you get your e commerce business rolling.

Estate and Real Estate Clean Outs

Myself and my associates have handled estate and real-estate clean out for both commercial and residential properties and have made it a profitable experience for our clients not just a headache. Whether you just need hauling or want to consign sales of items both residential and commercial we can do that for you. You may dealing with the death of a loved one this is a hard time we pay special attention to this delicate situation and can liquidate the contents of an estate quickly and pay close attention to keepsakes that the family may want to preserve. If you are listing your home for sale you may hear from your real estate agent CLEAN UP THE CLUTTER ! We do that for you and turn clutter into CASH $$$